Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mississippi Chicken - Documentary on immigrant poultry workers in Mississippi

Mississippi Chicken is an excellent documentary on the plight of Hispanic immigrants in a poultry town. The documentary provides a background of poultry industry in Mississippi detailing how the jobs were once occupied by white workers then blacks workers and finally Hispanics. The two main characters is a woman who is working to create a worker's center to help immigrant workers and a matriarch of a family, Guillermina.

Viewers will be provided with a better understanding of the kind of hardships immigrants face. While one hopes that the workers profiled in this work will succeed in making their way out of the situation, you'll end up being surprised and saddened at how their lives actually turnout.

Viewer's notes: The documentary does not have subtitles and much of the discussion is in Spanish. Warning:The first five minutes of the documentary shows raw footage of a pig being killed and prepared for a party.

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