Friday, August 27, 2010

This is a listing of articles of interest that has appeared within the last 7-10 days.

1. Health care gap may raise rates of colorectal cancer death in Blacks, Health Daily, August 27,2010
Brief Intro: "Unequal health care may explain why black colorectal cancer patients have a much higher death rate than white patients, a new U.S. study suggests."

2. Calorie counts are coming to the menu,, August 25, 2010
Brief Intro: "The Food and Drug Administration unveiled some ideas Tuesday on how it plans to implement requirements under the new federal law overhauling health care for better nutritional labeling on the menus of restaurant chains with 20 or more locations."

3. Drug prices climb faster than inflation again,, August 25, 2010
Brief Intro: "Last year, the average retail price for brand-name medicines popular with Medicare patients rose 8.3 percent, according to the latest analysis performed for the AARP."

Race and Society
1. Hundreds of millions in Katrina funds remain unspent,, August 20, 2010
Brief Intro: "Five years after Hurricane Katrina destroyed more than 200,000 Louisiana homes, the state program established to help families rebuild still hasn’t paid out more than three-quarters of a billion dollars and has come under fire from a federal judge for discriminating against black homeowners."

2. State Island grapples with attacks against Mexicans,, August 20, 2010
Brief Intro: "Police are investigating a string of at least 10 alleged hate crimes in the borough's Port Richmond area since April — all violent, and all perpetrated against Mexicans."

3. School drops race-based rules for student elections,, August 27, 2010
Brief Intro:"Following an uproar over a policy it said was designed 30 years ago to achieve racial equality, a school district in a Mississippi town on Friday scrapped a system of student elections where race determined whether a candidate could run for some class positions, including president."

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