Thursday, September 2, 2010

Documentary of Interest: Denied

The short film follows cancer patient, Sheila Wessenberg, as she tries to fight her cancer while having no insurance. As a cancer patient, Sheila finds herself with no insurance as insurance plans are reluctant to take her due to her preexisting condition. At the beginning of her illness, she was covered under her husband's medical insurance, but as a contract worker, his contract was not renewed. They were under COBRA for awhile, but could no longer pay the premiums.

Sheila ultimately had to drop out of chemotherapy and was told by her doctor to go to the county hospital. She went in for another checkup and was told the cancer had spread but the nurse on the phone told her that they could not help her as she did not have insurance.

I highly recommend this video to those interested in learning more about the serious barriers uninsured patients face.

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