Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Roundup

Here is a listing of articles published within the last 2 weeks:

1. Many kids who drink get liquor from home: Report, HealthDay/Yahoo News, Feb. 17, 2011

Brief Intro:"About 5.9 percent of 12- to 14-year-olds have used alcohol in the past month," said Peter Delany, director of SAMHSA's Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality. "That's a pretty large number."

"And almost all of these kids got that alcohol for free," he said.

In fact, about 45 percent got alcohol from a parent or other family member or they took it from their home without permission, Delany added."

2. Calorie labels don't affect kids' fast-food choices, Health Day/Yahoo News, Feb. 15, 2011

Brief Intro: "Researchers who studied menu choices at four fast-food restaurant chains before and after mandatory labeling took effect in New York City said the legislation did little to lower calorie consumption.

"We didn't notice a change in calories purchased before and after labeling [went into effect]," said study leader Dr. Brian Elbel, assistant professor of medicine and health policy at the New York University School of Medicine and Wagner School of Public Service."

3. 5 Americans: How health care law affects them, AP/Yahoo News, Feb. 4, 2011

Brief Intro:"At a critical time for the nation's new health care legislation, The Associated Press revisited several Americans who first shared their health stories a year ago. Reporters asked: How has the law affected their lives, and how do they see the health care debate now roiling Washington?

1. Incoming LA superintendent announces foundation, AP/Yahoo News, Feb. 18, 2011

Brief Intro"The incoming superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District said Thursday he is forming a new foundation to attract philanthropic donations to help fund the ailing school district.

The Los Angeles Fund for Public Education, based on a similar foundation in New York City, will allow donors to choose exactly what they wish their money to benefit, John Deasy announced during a speech at the Rand Institute in Santa Monica. The interest on investments in the fund will be used for various educational projects of the donors' choice and donors will receive an annual report card on the social return of their investment, Deasy said."

2. Obama's budget proposes a significant increase for schools, New York Times, Feb. 14, 2011

Brief Intro:"President Obama proposed a 2012 Department of Education budget on Monday that would, if approved, significantly increase federal spending for public schools, and maintain the maximum Pell grant — the cornerstone financial-aid program — at $5,550 per college student."

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