Monday, March 21, 2011

Pre-existing condition insurance plans - covering the uninsurable

A recent article in the New York Times details the experience of Jerry Garner, a kidney transplant recipient of Michigan, who lost his insurance when he failed to send back a survey sent from his health insurer. When looking for a replacement insurer, his existing kidney condition made that task just about impossible. While continuing to look for new options, his wife came across an ad for Michigan's pre-existing insurance coverage program. Mr. Garner applied and was accepted and is now paying less for his insurance and receives more comprehensive coverage.

Pre-existing condition insurance plans (P.C.I.P's), required by the new health care law, started in July. The federal government set aside $5 billion for these programs. Twenty-seven states run their own plans with federal money with the rest relying on the Department of Health and Human Services to administer their plans. (To learn more about the offerings in each state, go to

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