Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Roundup

Here is a listing of articles of interest published within the last 7-10 days:

Vulnerable populations
1. Teens and Blacks face highest unemployment, Jan 7, 2011,
Brief Intro:"The employment situation has improved overall over the last year, but large swaths of the U.S. population are lagging behind, including blacks, Hispanics and teenagers."

2. For minorities, new 'digital divide' seen, Jan 11, 2011, MSNBC.Com:
Brief Intro:"Today, as mobile technology puts computers in our pockets, Latinos and blacks are more likely than the general population to access the Web by cellular phones, and they use their phones more often to do more things."

1. America's healthiest and unhealthiest states,
Brief Intro:"For the second year in a row, residents of Vermont are the healthiest people in the nation, according to a new state-by-state survey by the nonprofit United Health Foundation, which is funded by insurer UnitedHealth Group."

1. 60 first graders, 4 teachers, one loud way to learn, Jan 10, 2011,
Brief Intro:"Instead of assigning one teacher to roughly 25 children, the New American Academy began the school year with four teachers in large, open classrooms of 60 students. The school stresses student independence over teacher-led lessons, scientific inquiry over rote memorization and freedom and self-expression over strict structure and discipline."

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