Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Roundup

Here is a listing of articles published within the last 7-10 days that may be of interest:

Health/Vulnerable Populations
1. Distrust of health system keeps black males from getting care, Business Week/Health Day, January 14, 2011
Brief Intro:"It's not because they want to appear tough or self-reliant that black men delay going to the doctor; it's because they don't trust the health-care system, researchers at the University of North Carolina report."

2. Walmart pledges to makes food healthier, more affordable,, January 20, 2011
Brief Intro:"The largest grocery chain in the country has announced an extensive five-year plan to make its food healthier and more affordable. Walmart, which serves roughly 140 million consumers a week, announced the initiative as a collaboration between its corporation and first lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campaign.

3. Doctor fills health-care gap for homeless women,, January 20, 2011
Brief Intro:"Means started her nonprofit -- Women of Means -- after working for seven years with the city's established homeless health care programs. She found that, despite all of the quality medical resources for the homeless population, few women were actually using the services."

1. In Florida, virtual classrooms with no teachers,, January 17, 2011
Brief Intro:"Naomi is one of over 7,000 students in Miami-Dade County Public Schools enrolled in a program in which core subjects are taken using computers in a classroom with no teacher. A “facilitator” is in the room to make sure students progress. That person also deals with any technical problems.

These virtual classrooms, called e-learning labs, were put in place last August as a result of Florida’s Class Size Reduction Amendment, passed in 2002. The amendment limits the number of students allowed in classrooms, but not in virtual labs. "

2. Teacher training taught by students,, January 14, 2011
Brief Intro:"The idea of using students to help teachers sharpen their skills came from the National Urban Alliance’s trainers, who, while working with Newark’s teachers, observed how easily students on the playground seemed to teach one another the latest dances or games. "

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