Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Visualizing data at

I wanted to write a post about a data visualization website I recently became aware of, I became aware of the site as a competition my team was entering required entrants to post their visualizations on the site. allows you to share your own data visualizations for free, get data, and explore other submissions.

I recently posted a diabetes partner finding tool that my team created with Google Fusion Tables. The table was part of an entry for a health competition that wasn't chosen. Since I thought that others may be interested in using the tool, I decided to post the table up three days ago. Since then, the project page has already received almost 150 views. I would definitely recommend the site for those looking to increase awareness of visualization resources they've created.

With that being said, I did run across one problem while entering the project description- the spacing I had entered using the rich text editor had vanished and all of the paragraphs looked like one VERY long block of sentences. Thinking I could fix this by coding it myself, I found that even editing the coding did not help things! I tried several times to fix the problem and finally came up with another solution. I created a paragraph that gave a brief description of the project and published a longer description to the Web using Google Docs. I then included the doc link within the brief description for those who would be interested in learning more.

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