Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Detroit's deadliest neighborhood: 48205 zip code

A Detroit News analysis found that the 48205 zip code in Detroit is one of the deadliest in the city. The area includes a population of 44,000 which equals 6% of the city's population, but is responsible for 15% of murders and 13% of shooting victims. From June 21-August 21, at least 38 people were shot and eight died in the area, a 6.5 square mile section of the city. In the same time frame citywide, there was a minimum of 254 shootings involving 303 victims, with at least 52 dying.

In an effort to combat the violence, Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee recently started Operation Inside Out: Night Angels, a program that re-deploys desk officers to patrol one 8-hour shift per week. The program has put an extra 40 to 50 officers on patrol each shift.

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