Thursday, June 2, 2011

Charter schools: Success and protests

A recent article on CNN discusses the success and challenges some charter schools have experienced. The story focuses on the success of one particular charter school in particular in Philadelphia. In 2005, Mastery Charter was asked to take over a public school that had 7th grade students scoring 16% proficient in math and 20% in reading. Now state results show that 7th graders in that school are now scoring 80% proficient in math and 66% in reading.

In contrast to this success story, the article also takes a look at another school that transitioned from a public to charter school in 2008. In February, students of that school staged a walkout over the proposed transition. This was one of three protests by district teens who were upset about the change. A junior at the school, Eva Reeves, commented "Just because it turns into a charter school doesn't mean it's going to be a good school."

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