Monday, August 8, 2011

Learning Session: Making Taxonomies Interoperable

The next scheduled CFL learning session will be held on Thursday, September 8th @ 2PM (ET). The presenter, Josh Shortlidge, will be speaking about InterEthos, an open source project that makes taxonomies interoperable. Here is the session description:

InterEthos - Making Taxonomies Interoperable
What if internet users could search for your content in multiple languages? What if not only were your taxonomies internationalized, but they were also correlated with other important taxonomies of your choosing? What if all the time and energy that people spend indexing their own content is suddenly combined into a universal system of correlated indexed content?

Josh Shortlidge will provide a 30-minute presentation on an innovative taxonomy tool that allows for collaborative taxonomy building. Make sure to mark your calendars for September 8th at 2PM so that you can call in to the teleconference to learn more.

You can register for this session using this link - the deadline for registering is August 31st.

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