Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Prescription discount card saves residents money and makes townships cash - but many wonder "What's the catch?"

Five Illinois townships have provided their residents with a prescription discount card that can save an average of 45% and also provides participating governments with the opportunity to earn 50 cents for certain prescriptions after their residents have used the card on over 1700 qualifying prescriptions.

Township administrators and Coast2 Coast Rx card company officials encourage those with insurance to compare prescription prices between their insurance and the discount card. But discounts through the card change weekly, meaning cost-conscious consumers must be vigilant.Because the card is free to residents and pays governments, residents and township officials alike have expressed skepticism about how it works.

Pharmacies pay Financial Marketing Concepts and its partnered pharmacy benefit manager, WellDyne Rx of Colorado, a "dispensing fee," or a marketing or advertising fee for bringing customers into their stores. Pharmacies are interested in getting foot traffic as they hope to make money on purchases made in addition to the prescriptions.

You can learn more about this by reading this Chicago Tribune article.

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